Deepak “Dee” Agarwal is a successful entrepreneur, founder, visionary, investor, strategic advisor and philanthropist who has formed and led businesses in a variety of industries, spanning online retail to business process outsourcing (BPO).

Entrepreneurial Journey

Dee began his entrepreneurial journey at just 11 years old, when the enterprising young man began buying prepaid phone cards in mass and selling them at discounted basis. His success in this venture led to other businesses in his youth, including buying, selling and trading video games online through AOL groups and at local flea markets. Deepak’s foray into online sales and video games further piqued his interest and in high school, Dee began exploring web traffic arbitrage as a business venture. 

Finding Opportunity Overseas

At 18 years old, Dee sought to grow his arbitrage business but needed more staff. This need for highly-trained staff at lower costs led him to visit and then move to the Philippines,  where he started and led Offshore Inc., an offshore staff leasing company with capabilities in web design, data entry and programming. His team in the Philippines quickly grew to more than 500 employees, while in parallel the digital needs of his clients also expanded.

Growing A BPO Business

Based on his proven capabilities to support businesses with offshore talent and services, many of Dee’s clients began requesting his help with customer service and contact call center management. To address this opportunity, Dee founded ContactCenter.com, with the goal of being a company of choice for BPO services. By providing well-trained and cost-effective customer response staff, ContactCenter.com saw significant growth and reached more than 1,500 employees, serving 30 clients by the time it was sold in 2007. 

Expanding Into Logistics

During his time in Asia, Dee also had the opportunity to learn firsthand how goods are manufactured, leading him to glean invaluable insight into the true manufacturing costs of a product. With this insight, in 2010, Deepak moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where he applied his deep expertise in customer service, internet marketing and manufacturing of products to launch Nomorerack.com, an online retail site offering deep discounts and flash sales on must-have items. In 2012, Dee moved the headquarters of the online retailer to the heart of commerce — New York City.

Becoming An Industry Leader

In just a period of five years, under Dee’s leadership, Nomorerack.com grew into a top destination for online shoppers looking for great deals on in-demand products at deep discount prices but backed by first-class customer service. At the height of its popularity, Nomorerack.com boasted more than 20 million members and 7 million customers.

Today, Dee continues to explore and develop new entrepreneurial ventures across industries and geographies. Outside of the office, he is a proud husband and father of two young daughters and enjoys spending time supporting and working with philanthropic organizations.

“The world is in perpetual evolution,
creating endless opportunities for innovative disruption
and entrepreneurial advancement.”  

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